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Bridging The Gap with Act 2

Act 2 presented their thoughtful and inspiring piece, Living Memory, based on stories and memories of older people with dementia, to a packed audience.

Elders who use Merton Dementia Hub in Mitcham came along to the show, many of whom took part in the project, and we are sure Act 2 did their precious memories justice in this joyful piece.

The play brought back to life four stories from different decades in the 20th Century telling tales of family strife, war-time struggle and survival and how illness can change the way you see your life.

Thank you to all those who have taken part in and supported the project including partners Patrick Gray, Communities Coordinator at the Alzheimer SocietyDementia Action Alliance and funders Goldsmiths Charitable Trust.

Check out more great photos of the show from Rebecca Cresta on our Facebook page

The audience were also treated to delicious cakes from YAC parents and tea and coffee from New Wimbledon Theatre staff – thank you!


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