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The Empress’s New Clothes

Catch up with Act One – in rehearsals for their refreshed version of The Emperor’s (or should that be Empress?) New Clothes.

Have you bought your tickets for The Emperor’s New Clothes at New Wimbledon Theatre Studio on March 20 and 21?

They are selling fast – and here’s director Nataliya Kharina to tell you why you should be in the audience…

“The Empress is shaping up beautifully.

This year our cast is so creative and we have been able to work collaboratively with them, shaping the story week by week together.

Act One in rehearsals

At the moment we have arrived at the last few scenes – really looking forward to coming back after the holidays and making those final few decisions about how our version of this iconic story ends.

I have been pleasantly surprised with how true we’ve been able to stay to the story whilst playing with so much context around it.

Our process has really been a testament to how classic tales transcend time.

Act One in rehearsals

We are so excited to share everything we have created with the audience!”

Join Nataliya and the cast in March for this very special performance.


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