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Act One takeover: a bitter sweet taste

Act One director Nataliya Kharina shares an exclusive update on Lemon Heaven, one of our three Troubled Waters performances.

Has Lemon Heaven changed since we caught up with you before Christmas?

Since Christmas, we’ve developed the show further. We have looked into developing all the characters and extended some scenes to give the show a lot more depth.

Can you sum up Lemon Heaven in a sentence?

A chance to take a look at the world we live in through an absurd lemon-infused lens.

Take a bite…of Lemon Heaven

How are rehearsals going?

Very exciting and challenging. The script has now been written apart from the very, very end and there’s a lot to get through. We have some incredible actors in the room and it’s wonderful to watch them grow into their characters week by week. We’re now in the last leg of rehearsals, this is my favourite bit where everything starts to come to life and you are able to properly dive into the show.

As director, what are you most proud of so far?

I think the story we’ve created together. Devising is always a tough process – you’re never sure where the story will go. This is a story created as a company – the young people give ideas and we weave them to make a show; they give us character ideas and we try to make them work within the story.

“The world we live in through an absurd lemon-infused lens”

Are there any themes or standout performances the audience should look out for?

It’s a pretty strange world we will be bringing the audience into, very physical and very funny! There are many layers of action happening on stage at the same time…I guess we want the audience to look out for the work going on in the background: that’s our biggest challenge so far and I think it will be our biggest achievement when we get to show time.

What do you want audiences to take away from the performance?

I think we’d like the audience to take away a sense of community responsibility. There is no one person to blame: it is our collective responsibility to look after our world.

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Lemon Heaven starts its run at New Wimbledon Theatre’s Time and Leisure Studio on Friday 5 April 2019 at 7.45pm.

Two further shows will take place on Saturday 6 April at 2.45pm and 7.45pm.

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