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Act One update: Meet Mitch

Find out how Act One is breathing new life into the story of Mitcham Common…and meet the characters in the forthcoming film, Mitch.

This week, Act One director, Nataliya Kharina, updates us on Act One’s progress in telling the story of Mitcham Common, which they have decided to do through a fictional character called Mitch.

This year, Act One has been challenged to breathe new life into Mitcham Common.

With all that is happening around us, green spaces have become more important than ever before – but is it fair for people to come and go as they please? This film is told from the perspective of the common itself, bringing into question human beings’ entitlement to nature.

The young people have worked so unbelievably hard on this project already, and now we’re back to live rehearsals, we are very much looking forward to filming and getting to know the common we’ve learnt so much about in person.

Meet Mitch and co

“They think that because the wildlife is thriving, 

They are good now, absolved

But their flaws, much like on the common 

Are relentlessly pulsing just beneath the surface.

Because humans, they never really change, do they?”

About Mitch…

Mitch is nervous. People have returned to the common because the world is in crisis again. They turn to Mitch, who hopes that maybe this time the humans will learn once and for all to be better…but, as always, they seem greedy, selfish and unkind.

Guided by The Swallow, Patrick Sun a world renowned news reporter decides it is time for Mitch’s voice to be heard. The interview begins and we are taken on a journey through Mitch’s past: gravel extraction, golf courses, World War Two and rubbish tipping.

This common has been through a lot but has it been for better or for worse? 

Mitch is a short feature film starring the company of WCTT’s Act One.

It will premiere at an outdoor screening at Canons House on Saturday 17 July 2021. Tickets go on sale in May and we’ll share links on the blog as soon as they are available.