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Act Two takeover: telling Thames Tales

This week, we’re handing the reins over to Act Two as they prepare for the debut of Thames Tales at the Royal Albert Hall.

It’s a new term at the Young Actors Company and so far newcomers and old faces have all received a warm welcome. When we found out we were going to be performing at the Royal Albert Hall we were gobsmacked…also a bit scared…but excited, too.

We’re starring in a world premiere – Thames Tales – and we hope the audience will enjoy it, whatever their age or where they come from.

Thames Tales is an original story about Father Thames looking for a new heir: over to Leah, Sophie and Sienna to explain the story…

So far on Thames Tales we’ve looked at the history of the River Thames, what life was like at different points in time around the river and studied the frost fairs (fairs that took place on the river when it froze over).

We’ve also started learning some songs, as it’s a music-based production.

We’re all pretty calm about performing at the Royal Albert Hall, but some of the actors are probably feeling quite nervous on the inside.

Ethan, Caleb, me, Abbie and Grace are slightly confused about the Albert Hall’s capacity (it’s actually 5,000!) and the best way to calm our nerves…

Thames Tales – and having the opportunity to perform it on such a big and famous stage – wouldn’t be possible without the Young Actors Company.

Our youth theatre provides us with two hours of fun and hard work every Sunday as we work towards becoming great performers and getting more involved in the local community.

Zara, Ruby and Katie talk about how we’re building confidence, bonds and great friendships…

We’ll be taking over the blog again later in the year to keep you posted on our progress.

Until then, my name is Eliott and this has been the Act Two blog.

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Support Act Two and the Thames Tales project

Thames Tales, a major co-production with Merton Music Foundation (MMF), is part of the Troubled Waters season.  It previews as part of MMF’s Music is for Life: Liquid History at the Royal Albert Hall, Wednesday 20th March, 2019 which is supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England and funding from The Taylor Family Foundation.

By supporting the work of WCTT, you’re helping our Young Actors to explore history, understand cross-generational relationships – and perform on one of the biggest and most prestigious stages in the country.

At a time when creativity and the arts are in short supply in our schools, your generous support has never been more valuable.