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Alfie reaches the finishing line!

Congratulations to Alfie on successfully completing his three marathon challenge to raise money for WCTT Young Actors Company.  Alfie ran a total of 65 miles – the Berlin Half Marathon, London Marathon and the Edinburgh Marathon.

“Many congratulations and heartfelt thanks to Alfie on completing this Herculean task of running 3 marathons for our charity, WCTT. The effort, determination & sheer resilience to run through pain has also been matched by all the members, parents & supporters of the charity who have donated to our Just Giving page.

All the money raised by Alfie will make a profound difference to the lives of many young people in Merton and if we had our way there would be a ticker tape parade in his honour.
Many, many thanks Alfie, you are a true star and wonderfully generous human being.”
Matthew Griffiths, Chair of WCTT

Alfie has so far raised over £3000 which will go towards ensuring we can continue to deliver free high quality drama training and theatre making experiences to as many young people as possible.

Thank you so much to all of you who have donated and shared your support. If you haven’t donated already, don’t worry, there is still time to give a few pounds!

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