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Big Night Out: review

A puppet dog, high drama and show-tune sing-a-longs – the Big Night Out had it all.

What a wonderful occasion! The Big Night Out took place on Monday 3 February 2020 with a packed auditorium and a hugely talented cast and crew.

In the first half, the audience was treated to a host of toe-tapping tunes, from Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now to the theme tune from The Incredibles. MMF’s Merton Youth Concert Band was pitch perfect and really got the audience going.

(Band leader Norma Whitson’s gorgeous silk jacket was also a talking point.)

In the second half, WCTT’s Act Two stormed the stage with a breathtaking performance of Twist!, a 21st-century version of the Charles Dickens story with all the intrigue, betrayal and heartbreak you’d expect – plus an adorable puppet Bullseye, a scene-stealing Mr. Bumble and a comedic Mr. Brownlow.

Oliver and Dodger chat to Bullseye
Fagin, my dear.
Who wants some more?

The audience sang along (and shed a tear or two during the emotional finale) and thanks to the enthusiasm and professionalism of the cast, there were shouts of pure joy from the younger audience members when Oliver and Dodger reached their happy ending.

Mr. Bumble makes his mark
Bill Sykes flips out. Spoiler: this doesn’t end well…
…but there is a happy ending for our dynamic duo

As well as a fantastic evening of entertainment, one lucky audience member went home with two Centre Court tickets for the Wimbledon Championships 2020 after winning WCTT’s fundraising raffle.

The raffle made over £1,000 – money that will go straight towards the community projects we are busy planning for the summer.

If you didn’t make it to the Big Night Out, you can support WCTT in March by attending two more shows in the Classic Novels season: The Picture of Dorian Gray and The Emperor’s New Clothes.

Oh what a night! The fabulous cast of Twist!