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Countdown to the Royal Albert Hall

Less than a week to go… we find out how Act Two are feeling ahead of their Royal Albert Hall debut.

Tonight, Act Two start an intensive series of final rehearsals ahead of their performance at the Royal Albert Hall on Wednesday 20 March 2019.

They’ll spend this evening, Saturday and Sunday, and Monday evening, putting the finishing touches to Thames Tales.

The verdict from the company is that taking time out from their busy social schedules (and juggling their homework) is a small price to pay for performing on such a prestigious stage.

The rehearsal process has been a fantastic experience so far.

On Sunday 10 March, the five principal singers attended an extra rehearsal with the orchestra and adult choir – accompanied by opera singer, Keel Watson.

Two of the actors shared an Uber to the rehearsal with Keel and director Katie, enjoying a discussion about water quality (London vs Yorkshire) along the way – the theme of water is clearly on their minds.

At the start of the session, Keel launched straight into one of his numbers. Not all members of the choir and orchestra realised he’d arrived in the building, but as soon as he started singing, his presence was made clear.

The look of surprise on their faces was priceless.

The mood amongst the actors is one of confidence and excitement. They will arrive at the Royal Albert Hall on Wednesday lunchtime, with just three precious hours for final dress rehearsals…and that doesn’t faze them at all.

Many members of the WCTT extended family will be in the audience to cheer them on (and to be thoroughly entertained in the process) – and we’ll be wishing them all the luck in the world.

Royal Albert Hall? No problem!

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