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Developing diversity at WCTT

The events of the past weeks affect us all. WCTT is a proudly anti-racist organisation – and we want to do more in future to develop our diversity.

WCTT’s Young Actors Company would like to make the following statement in solidarity against racism whilst pledging to do better within our industry:

We are a proudly anti-racist youth theatre and we want that to be visible in our actions as well as our words.

Our aim is for Young Actors Company to be a truly inclusive, accessible and safe space for all young people in Merton, no matter their background or circumstances. 

We are committed to continuing to develop a diversity of voices through our membership and creative team and strive to do more, because we know this will improve the work we do and the stories we are able to tell.

We are currently recruiting for new members – we have an Open Door scheme and actively encourage young people from all backgrounds to join us.

Working with the Young Actors Company

At the Young Actors Company, we think about, listen to and discuss the issues that affect our company, our community and our world.

We tell the stories that matter to our membership, from the climate crisis, consent and homelessness, to online bullying and inequality.

Engaging our members in the writing process when we create theatre is at the heart of what we do: it allows the young actors to express and reflect on the problems and concerns they have in their own lives, as well as thinking about the bigger picture.

We know how deeply affected young people have been by the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, and the essential conversation on racism in our society that has followed: we’re committed to keeping the conversation going on this issue.

We’re also encouraging our members to use the following learning resources on racism:

How to cope with world news (from Childline).

Education packs are available from the Red Card.

Resources on racism from BBC Bitesize.

The Black Cultural Archives provides “a space where members of the community, especially young people, [can] find positive representations of themselves in history and culture”.

More resources for talking about race, racism and racialised violence with kids.