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Discovering Mitcham Common

This week, we present Ode to Mitch – a video that showcases the beauty of Mitcham Common – and we introduce the themes our Act One members are exploring for their film.

Nestled on the boundaries of Merton, Croydon and Sutton, Mitcham Common is part of the Wandle Valley Regional Park – and you might call it the ‘undiscovered gem’ of our borough.

As part of our In Common research, we’ve been exploring its 182 hectares, and we’ve found open space, gorgeous views and a real sense of tranquility.

Music: Benjamin Tissot (www.bensound.com)

“Our video is called Ode To Mitch because the idea behind our show is that Mitcham Common is the central character,” says Andy Alty, creative producer at WCTT. “Mitch is hundreds of years old and they have just about had enough of human beings. The story is about our young people trying to persuade Mitch that they should give us one more chance, before giving up on us.”

The film, which presents Mitch as a non-binary character, will cover themes of environment and climate change, as well as the rich history of Mitcham Common. “We’ve even found a way of making gravel extraction interesting,” Andy says.

Beautiful colours in the winter on Mitcham Common © Johanna Payton

In addition to the film, which will premiere in spring/summer 2021, we are also producing lesson plans for primary school age children in the borough, to get them involved in our In Common project. “There are three lesson plans – Past, Present and Future,” Andy says. “We will be asking the children to send us artwork, poetry and stories. These will all be exhibited at Canon’s House as part of its re-opening.”

Stay tuned on the blog for updates on Mitch, and more videos and images as we continue to explore Mitcham and Wimbledon Commons for the In Common project.