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Exclusive clip: Common Knowledge

Catch a sneak peek of Act Two’s film, Common Knowledge, part of our In Common season.

After weeks of writing, rehearsal and filming, our team of editors is busy behind the scenes preparing for the premiere screening of our In Common series of films in September.

But our young actors won’t have to wait that long to see their work on the big screen.

On Sunday 26 September, we’ll be hosting three private screenings for Act One, Two and Three. Exclusively for our members, we’ll be watching the rough cuts of the films with popcorn in hands and smiles on faces.

But we didn’t want to leave you out….here’s an exclusive look at the first scene from Act Two’s movie, Common Knowledge.

Exclusive! Scene one, Common Knowledge

If you’d like to see the whole film, plus four more short films from Act One, Act Three and Cricket Green School, look out for the link to FREE tickets for the premiere on September 26th at Canons House.

As soon as the link is live, we’ll share it here on the blog…stay tuned!