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Feedback from our actors

As filming wraps, and term comes to an end, our Young Actors share their thoughts on the 2020-21 season.

It would be ridiculous to claim this term has been easy: the challenges have risen up to face us on a weekly basis. But WCTT’s Young Actors Company is nothing if not resilient – and when we congregated for a final session of fun and games, on Sunday 4 July, the feedback we collected from the company proved that creativity, friendship and passion cannot be dimmed, no matter the circumstances.

The group certainly miss being on stage For many, the thrill of live theatre is one of the things they are looking forward to the most when the final pandemic-related restrictions are lifted. But they’ve also loved learning new skills, acting for screen and being able to create something original and thought-provoking in person, with their peers.

Act Three reflections

Our eldest group of actors told us their year at Young Actors Company has been “absolutely amazing”.

“The skills I learned during the filming process will be invaluable to me. I just love that everything was done to such a professional standard. This is a group of people that I will cherish forever. I can’t wait for what is yet to come…” Act Three company member

They paid tribute to their talented peers and told us they felt the filmmaking was “super inclusive” and “non-judgmental”.

Act Three filming scenes for Black Cherries

The weather – which wasn’t always kind out on the commons – was acknowledged, but their sense of community, family and teamwork is shared across many of the comments.

Many of the members said they will never forget the experience.

Act Two reflections

Act Two’s feedback reflected lots of the creativity that has taken place this term. One member said they “loved creating the script and incorporating our ideas into the final product”; another described the costumes as “wonderful”.

Warm-up games on the film sets were appreciated, as was learning how to use lots of new equipment.

Act Two’s tour of Southside House

And even the challenges proved to be valuable learning experiences for the actors:

“I learned that things don’t always go right and getting frustrated does not do anything but fuel the situation.” Act Two company member

One piece of Act Two feedback, though, really struck a chord with the team: “I enjoyed how we became a family.”

To us, there is nothing more important.

Act One reflections

Act One did lots of learning – and had a great time!

They told us they learned how to play different characters, and learned what goes on behind the scenes of a movie; they learned about Mitcham Common, and that “sometimes you have to do embarrassing things to act” – an important lesson for any actor.

They also said they learned “how to make friends” – we’ve always been proud of the way our youth theatre builds transferable life skills.

Act One setting up a scene for Mitch

As for the fun factor…

“I enjoyed being back in person and getting to know everyone properly. And the costumes!!” Act One company member

For one actor, playing the “opposite gender without it being weird” was a great experience.

For another: “I enjoyed taking my wig off after a take.”

And we think that speaks volumes about our fun and fearless Act One members.

Stay tuned to the blog for more info on our postponed In Common film screening.