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Film school…online

Act Three members were delighted to meet actor, director and writer, Rikki Beadle-Blair MBE, for a Zoom class on filmmaking.

One of the most exciting opportunities online theatre practice presents is having the freedom to explore the world of the performing arts.

In the lockdown environment, performers and company members are in the same boat. Lives that were so hectic, and logistics that seemed so insurmountable, are now fairly simple: time, for once, is on our side.

We’ve been taking advantage of the situation.

On Friday 15 May, Act Three was invited to take part in a Zoom session with Rikki Beadle-Blair, a multi-talented writer and performer, best known as the creator and star of the classic Channel 4 series, Metrosexuality – a celebration of diversity that also launched Noel Clarke’s career.

Rikki Beadle-Blair (Wikipedia)

Rikki gave a two-hour ‘mobile phone filmmaking’ class, talking to the Young Actors about his experiences as a filmmaker, how to tell complex stories in a locked-down world, and how to express their creativity as filmmakers.

As Act Three is engaged in a filmmaking project this term, the session was stuffed with practical tips from the language of film (close-ups, angles, movement, use of lighting) to using a mobile phone creatively and effectively to tell a story and convey character and narrative.

“Act Three is responding to the lockdown in characteristic fashion – it’s an opportunity to learn something new,” says Andy Alty, WCTT’s creative producer. “Many of them are already interested in making films – one member has already had his short film featured on our social media – and they are hungry for more.

Act Three taking part in an online exercise

“They’d had a session on different camera shots and what they tell us about story, character and relationships, but we felt that they needed to dig deeper and expand their skills even further.”

Andy says Act Three is really lucky to have had this opportunity to learn from Rikki: “Rikki is a writer, director, choreographer, designer, producer and performer working in film, theatre, television and radio. We knew he’d inspire the group. It was an opportunity, too, to explore acting for film and TV.

“And keep a look out for some exciting new movies coming soon to a device near you!!”