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In Common: Teacher’s Packs

As our In Common project reaches its final term – our four films are going into production in April and May – we are delighted to be sharing these lesson plans with you. All three plans have been specially created to engage Year 5 & 6 pupils with the story of their local commons- their history, how they are used today and what the future might look like for them. 

Written in collaboration with local primary school teachers, the plans are easy to work with and include simple games, exercises and tasks aimed at engaging young people with their local history. 

All three plans are FREE TO DOWNLOAD and include invitations to create artworks e.g. paintings, poems and stories about the commons. We will share a selection of them at Canon’s House in July as part of the re-opening of this historic building. We hope you and your pupils will enjoy using them!

IN COMMON – PAST includes sections on: Mitcham Common early history; work roles in the 19th Century; the lavender industry; the history of Mitcham Fair; the “birth” of Wimbledon Common with links to fun, informative and age-appropriate video content. 

IN COMMON –  PRESENT includes sections on: what the commons mean to us now; how they are cared for; how people use them today and their importance during the COVID pandemic. There are links to stories and poetry related to the commons. 

IN COMMON – FUTURE includes sections on: the natural world, climate change and how we can protect our commons and their ecology in the future.