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In Common update: Midsummer movies

Excitement is building at WCTT Young Actors Company as the plans for our midsummer film premieres come together.

Our In Common film season is growing: we hope to share FOUR original films with you in the summer.

Scripts are already well-developed and we will begin filming in the summer term. We are already scouting for locations to film interior scenes (if you know of a local large and characterful space such as a church or historical building which we can dress so it looks like 18th/19th Century please do get in touch with us!)

We will be premiering our films at a special outdoor screening as part of the reopening of Canon’s House in Mitcham following a £4.4million restoration project.

Canons House, Mitcham (George Rex/Flikr)

The screenings will take place on Saturday 17 July.

Welcome Matvi!

We’re delighted to announce that Matvi Khosho is joining the YAC team as a videographer and editor to make sure our movies are all the best possible quality.

Matvi has worked with us previously, on our 2018 co-production with Cricket Green School, Swipe Right, and again in 2020 on Act One’s film, The Fairground. In 2018, Matvi was commissioned by Film Merton to make a ten minute short film, The Streets That Shape Us, and in 2020 he made a series of audio talks, Walks with Matvi, exploring the byways of Mitcham Common. Matvi is a big lover of our local parks and green spaces and the perfect partner on this project.