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Merton community projects at WCTT

Sundays are for sharing: join us at New Wimbledon Theatre’s Time & Leisure Studio this weekend to see the results of our community engagement season.

For WCTT, the social engagement projects in our summer season are often the most rewarding and enjoyable.

Our Young Actors have spent an academic year getting to know each other, putting on a show, growing in confidence and investing in their creativity. By the start of this term, they were ready for a fresh challenge, to work with new people and to extend their audience.

Act Three in rehearsals for Swipe Right

Our directors and their assistants have built strong relationships and have pushed forward with their ideas and ambitions, too, developing their own skills as theatre professionals and sharing their knowledge with the company. Now they want to share that experience with the Merton community, building new bonds and having an impact on the lives of others.

And our extended family, friends and supporters have already got to know us and seen the work we do; they really want that work to radiate into the community, making a difference to the people and places they see everyday – perhaps even reaching out to the wider world.

This Sunday, 7 July 2019, this community focus (and lots of hard work) is celebrated as we share three unique performances.

Act One will share their work in the morning to an invited audience: read more about The Mermaid That Saved The Cow, a piece of theatre to raise awareness about plastic pollution.

At 1.30pm, Act Three and Cricket Green School present, Swipe Right, a comment on social media influence and online safety.

Act Two presents Living Memory 2019 at 3.30pm, our second annual dementia-friendly theatre project in partnership with Wimbledon Guild & Dementia Action Alliance.

And after a day of original, community focused theatre, there’s a rumour that tea and cake will be doing the rounds from 4.15pm…

To reserve your seat for Act Two’s or Three’s sharing email: andrewalty@wctt.org.uk

We look forward to celebrating this life changing work with you all.

See the debut performance of Swpie Right at New Wimbledon Theatre on 07.07.2019

Thank you to our supporters

This season’s community engagement would not have been possible without the kind and generous support of our sponsors.

Special thanks are due to The Ironmongers’ Company for the charitable grant they awarded us to fund Act Three’s Swipe Right.

Act Two’s Living Memory 19 was made possible with the support of a grant from the Wimbledon Foundation’s Community Fund.

From September 2019, we will be introducing affordable fees for our members, so we can continue to produce our enriching and community centred work.

We will still fundraise in order to pay for bursary places: our Open Door scheme is designed to ensure inclusivity and accessibility to young people from across Merton and the surrounding area

We’d love to hear from potential sponsors and volunteers for our 2019-2020 programme: if you’re looking for a way to get more involved in the community, or if you’re passionate about theatre and want to help a grassroots youth theatre extend its reach, please get in touch today.