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Merton Live, New Wimbledon Theatre

Our Young Actors shared their skills with young people from Merton at two innovative workshops.

On 26 January 2019, New Wimbledon Theatre threw open its doors for the first ever Merton Live, in aid of the Wimbledon Guild, and WCTT Young Actors were out in force, running fun theatre workshops for other young people of all ages.

Both sessions were well-attended (considering it was 11am!) and there was lots of running around and playing silly games together.

Our Act Three director, Andrew McPherson, orchestrated all the madness and we had members from all three groups strutting their stuff and demonstrating their mastery of games, from Grandmother’s Footsteps to Splatt.

We made some great new friends who will hopefully come and join us from September.

We also spread the word about our Troubled Waters season in the Time & Leisure Studio – and on the stage at the Royal Albert Hall.

Our Young Actors Company isn’t just about theatre, though. Our summer term is all about community engagement and we have lots of plans in the pipeline – so watch this space!

Interested in auditioning for the Young Actors Company in Merton?

Our next intake auditions will take place in September 2019 – but if you’re interested in joining the company, or finding out more about WCTT and how we make a difference in the Merton community, we’d love to hear from you.

It’s free to audition for the Young Actors Company – and membership is also completely free of charge.

We need your support to keep offering the young people of Merton a safe space in an increasingly challenging world; a place where they can make new friends, express their creativity and fulfil their potential.

Donations we receive help us to offer the Young Actors Company free of charge, so this valuable and creative resource is available to all young people across Merton, regardless of their experience, schooling or background. Click here to donate now and show your support for our amazing Young Actors.