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Reflections on filmmaking

Find out how attending their first film shoot has affected our oldest group of actors.

Last week, Act Three director Andrew McPherson brought us up to speed with the two short films being produced by Act Three: Black Cherries and Coconut.

After scouting locations on Sunday 2, Act Three were back on Wimbledon & Putney Commons on Sunday May 9, ready to shoot the first scenes.

Costumes were ready, lines were learned and the weather was perfect…but how did they feel about making a film together – in person – for the first time?

Here’s what they said:

“Being there for seven years now, the Young Actors Company are more like family. It has been amazing watching not only myself and my fellow actors adjust to cinematic performing rather than theatre, but watching the amazing team of directors alter our sessions to allow an easy evolution period. Filming is seemingly going well, and I can’t wait to see the final outcome.”

“I was quite nervous to begin filming as I’ve never filmed anything before and I built it up in my head. But when we started, it was so much fun as everyone is so supportive after you do a shot, and if you mess up they’re always there to support you. Everyone seems incredibly focused, and its so cool to see different parts of the common!”

“Filming so far has been a great experience. I’ve learned so much about the work that goes behind the camera and it’s really interesting. It’s fun to solve problems and helping out where you can. It feels like a real team effort and fills me with excitement for the film.”

“My favourite part of filming is being able to work with some lovely and incredible people. I also love the inventive plot of the film; it’s really fun and intriguing, especially with all the talented actors who are in the film.”

“I find the filming process is an amazing experience, in terms of…behind the camera work, like carrying the props, using the Clapper and holding the boom mic.”

A behind the scenes peep at Act Three’s set on Wimbledon Common

“I was a bit nervous to start filming because I wasn’t really sure what to expect – but as soon as we started I got more comfortable and it was really fun! Seeing everyone work as a team and concentrate on the different areas of production was interesting, and there’s quite a lot to think about, and learning about everything on set is exciting too.”

“My favourite part of filming is the thrilling and exciting environment it creates, along with how well we all work with one another, and making new friends.”

“My favourite part about filming is getting to know everyone better and just having fun with it. I love the little memories that are made and the jokes. It’s just so nice to really be able to enjoy and learn more about the filming process!”

“I’ve loved filming so far! The whole team is great from Andrew, Gavin and Davy to the great actors I get to work with. It’s not going to be an experience I’ll forget in a while!”

Is someone living out their clapper board fantasy??

Check back next week for more info on the In Common premiere – and how to get your tickets.