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Reflections on Twist!

Act Two’s run of Twist! at New Wimbledon Theatre was a huge success – and the reflections of our company and their families prove it.

In this week’s blog post we’re handing over to the cast of Twist! and their parents to explain exactly what being in the show meant to them…

Notes from the cast:

The thing we enjoyed most about being in Twist! was being with a bunch of brilliant actors that we can call our friends – and how hard we worked as a team.

The chance to perform at New Wimbledon Theatre was ‘once in a lifetime’ – and one we thoroughly enjoyed.

Having an opportunity to perform a real production on a proper stage in front of a large audience (we loved their reactions!) improved our confidence: working with professionals was really fascinating and we learned a lot about how theatre gets made.

The most important thing we learned from being in Twist! was that we can do anything if we put our minds to it: hard work creates amazing things.

We also learned how to adapt to new challenges in a short period of time – and that we can forgive ourselves when we mess up.

Now we know that mixing with all different types of people is actually really fun – and having fun on stage really makes a difference.

We know how to stay focussed, how not to be scared of solos on stage and how to prepare ourselves before a performance. We know that research is important when you’re playing complex characters.

Working together and having good stage direction is crucial – but we know that we just need to go full-out in every performance and make the most of it all!

Notes from the parents:

The opportunity to work in a professional theatre setting was wonderful for [the Young Actors’] self-confidence.

Seeing our children on stage was an extremely heart warming and proud time for us.

The thing we enjoyed most about the performance was how all the young people involved had a chance to shine and how beautiful the connection between the characters was.

We enjoyed the original script, the way the young people were able to work as a team, the joy the young actors transmitted to the audience and the audience participation in the songs.

Our relatives and friends who came to the show could see the cast’s passion and love for acting. They said it was a great show – funny, well crafted and beautifully acted.

They would love to see more from WCTT in the future.

We feel very privileged that [our children are] involved with such a brilliant project!

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Act Two is one of three groups within our company.

Although Twist! has finished its run, you can still catch Act Three in a revamped version of The Picture of Dorian Gray, and Act One in The Empress, a new version of The Emperor’s New Clothes – all part of our Classic Novels season.