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Start a new chapter with Young Actors Company

Joining the Company means so much more than performing on stage.

September is always an exciting time for the Young Actors Company as we welcome a new group of young people into our youth theatre.

Normally, we audition for all 60 places in the Company: even if you’ve been a member for years, you still go through the process, and a place is not guaranteed. In September 2020, however, to recognise the commitment and courage of our existing company members – who took the leap with us to online theatre practice in the wake of the lockdown – we are only auditioning for new members this year.

That means places are limited – and there’s just one more opportunity to audition with us via Zoom, on August 23 2020 at 1pm.

If you’re considering taking part in our online audition process, you don’t need to prepare – or have any experience. The Young Actors Company is not just about talent: we celebrate diversity, hard work, friendship and trust. The bonds we make are made for life.

And joining us, particularly if you’re about to go into Year 7, is a great way to balance some of the challenges ahead – starting secondary school after lots of time at home is a biggie!

You’ll make new friends, build your confidence, and have the opportunity to rehearse and perform with a professional company. We pride ourselves on being inclusive, kind and fun!

Billie explains what joining YAC has meant to her

We have Open Door places available if you’re not able to pay the fees, and if you want to see the kind of work we do, please explore this blog, where you’ll find loads of images, video and reviews that capture our theatre portfolio.

Plus, for just £3.83 you can join us online on Wednesday July 29 at 7.00pm for three world premieres: each one of our three acts will be sharing the short film they’ve made this term, during lockdown, proving that youth theatre will thrive, whatever problems we have to navigate.

Click here to book your ticket for the event (you can just book one ticket to watch with friends or family via one device, but we welcome donations if you’d like to increase your ticket price).

And if you’re ready to join us, click here to book your online audition place on August 23.

We can’t wait to meet you!