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Sunday sharing: Young Actors Company

On Sunday 1st December, Act One and Act Three shared a snippet of their Classic Novels season work so far.

Scratch performances are always a highlight of the year for the Young Actors Company.

Because our actors are involved in devising their own performances, revealing a sample of their work to an audience of friends and family is a hugely important step in the creative process.

Act Three strike a pose after sharing a selection of scenes from The Picture of Dorian Gray

Attendees are invited to share feedback and the actors can see firsthand if their jokes land, if their performances resonate and if their most dramatic scenes provoke fear or excitement in the audience.

Act One introduced their ‘Empress’ at New Wimbledon Theatre’s Studio – and there was talk of a very exciting plan for the costuming of this all-out fashion drama, a brand new take on The Emperor’s New Clothes.

Act One unveiled an Empress in their reworking of The Emperor’s New Clothes

Act Three decided to show the audience the “riskiest” and most experimental elements of their version of The Picture of Dorian Gray. Packed with humour and physical theatre, this contemporary retelling promises to be truly unique.

Tickets for The Picture of Dorian Gray (March 13, 14) and The Emperor’s New Clothes (March 20, 21) are available now.

Last year’s shows reached capacity, so please be quick if you’d love to experience the Classic Novels season.

Greet 2020 with a Twist!

With a February 2020 run on New Wimbledon Theatre’s main stage, and exclusive performances scheduled for primary schools across Merton, Act Two’s Twist! is under wraps: so there were no sneak peeks this term…

…but, if you’re dying to see this stellar reimagining of the Charles Dickens’ classic, tickets for the Big Night Out on Monday 3 February, a fundraising evening of live music from Merton Music Foundation’s Merton Youth Concert Band, and the world premiere of Twist!, are on sale now.

We can’t wait to see you there!

Act Two putting a Twist! on a classic