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The Emperor’s New Clothes – for the 21st Century

As part of our Classic Novels season, Act One is putting a contemporary twist on The Emperor’s New Clothes by Hans Christian Andersen.

This week, Act One director Nataliya Kharina updates us on the youngest members of the company’s creative contribution to the Classic Novels season, an up-to-date version of The Emperor’s New Clothes.

Act One developing The Emperor’s New Clothes

Why did you choose this classic to adapt?

We explored a few different tales but this one seemed to resonate with the young people the most – they responded really well to both the serious and silly elements of the story.

What’s going to be the most exciting thing about your version of this classic story?

I think playing with outrageous characters in the ‘court’, we want to look at making crazy costumes and hairstyles, a world that has gone mad with fashion fever.

What stage are you at with the company in terms of writing and preparation?

At the moment we are exploring the themes of the story and developing characters.

What are you most excited about in terms of this production?

I’m really looking forward to seeing the young people respond to a text that is old but incredibly relevant. It’s quite exciting to see them start linking the themes to what is happening in their lives today.

You can expect a sufficiently whacky but incredibly heartfelt performance.


Watch this space for info on tickets to the show!