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The Picture of Dorian Gray: review

Act Three’s barnstorming ensemble production had audiences gripped by the story and delighted by the visuals.

The company’s re-imagining of Oscar Wilde’s much-loved classic gave Dorian Gray a distinctive and original 21st Century twist. Devised by the young actors & scripted by director Andrew McPherson with additional material from Andy Alty, bringing the story bang up to date.

Dorian is a young man who has everything and feels nothing. Inheriting a dilapidated old cabaret theatre from his father, along with enormous wealth, he decides to team up with a group of itinerant young artists, actors, singers and dancers to create, “something exciting, something dangerous!” But what seems like a dream come true very quickly turns into a nightmare as the ‘curse of the Grays’ returns to haunt them…

Told by the company in flashback and interspersed with brilliant, atmospheric music from the Hurricane House Band (Tom Wilson, Calum Thorne and Ruby Orin), as well as songs, movement and whip-smart dialogue, the story reaches its climax in a cabaret performance with a shocking, unexpected and visually stunning ‘final act’ which left audiences at last weekend’s three sold-out performances gasping. 

This was a total ensemble production with stunning designs and costumes by Davy String which really showed off the skills of this talented young company creating an evening of original, exciting and unexpected new theatre.

“Amazing! Songs brilliant and original and the actors were stellar.”

“What an unexpected take on Dorian Gray! So original and really loved the slapstick moments. Entertaining and thoroughly enjoyable…”

“Loved the energy and the interface between the music and the acting. All of you are multi-talented. Great design! I loved your costumes as well…”

“Colourful. Vibrant. Exciting. Humorous. Courageous!”

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