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Troubled Waters: a new season begins

Tickets are now on sale for Troubled Waters, our spring season featuring three world premieres.

There’s a thrill in the air at WCTT. After a term of devising and discussion, improvisation and imagination, our original performances are shaping up to be truly sensational.

In just a few weeks, Troubled Waters, three world premieres inspired by the way young people navigate uncertain and troubling times, will be shared with London audiences at New Wimbledon Theatre’s Time and Leisure Studio and at the Royal Albert Hall.

The season lifts off at 7pm on 20 March at the spectacular and prestigious Royal Albert Hall. Our Act Two company members will be joined by a choir of 1,500 young singers from Merton, and the opera singer Keel Watson, for a world premiere of the innovative Thames Tales with original music by Pete Churchill and Adam Saunders and a script by our creative director, Andy Alty.

Keel paid Act Two a surprise visit on Sunday 20 January; the actors were delighted to hear his singing tips and just to hang out with such an accomplished performer.

Keel Watson with Act Two’s Naomi who plays Reeve in Thames Tales.

Thames Tales is a show that parents, friends and supporters of WCTT won’t want to miss. Tickets are on sale now from the Royal Albert Hall website.

Set in the year 2039, To Walk on Water tells the story of a man who does just that – but, is he a new Messiah? And will his extraordinary feat change the world for the better?

Written by director Andrew McPherson (with the company), Act Three’s run at New Wimbledon Theatre’s Time and Leisure Studio starts on 29 March at 7.45pm and you can buy tickets for one of three performances now.

And our season ends with Act One’s bitterly comic original play, Lemon Heaven, set in a far-off country where consumerism is king – and the latest craze is lemons.

This three show run kicks off on Friday 5 April at 7.45pm and you can buy tickets today.

We’re so excited about all three shows and we’ll be keeping you up-to-date with ‘behind the scenes’ news, pics and progress as rehearsals continue and the big dates approach.