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We’re back in the theatre!

Finally, we returned to live rehearsals at New Wimbledon Theatre on Sunday 7 November, 2021.

It had been a long time coming. After 18-months away, we were finally back in New Wimbledon Theatre’s Studio space to start in-person sessions for the new season.

The young actors were delighted to be back, and Act Three members shared some of their thoughts with us upon their return:

“Being back in the theatre gives a sense of life going back to normal, just slightly. It was scary to think that when covid died down, theatres wouldn’t be as popular. But it’s the complete opposite: it brings so much joy to me and so many other people and I can’t wait to see what the future has in store.”

“It’s so much easier to collaborate now and share our ideas. Group discussions are so much easier now without Zoom. It’s also great to be able to feed off the energy of others in the room.”

“The environment inside of the theatre is always one of comfort and joy, it never fails to bring a smile onto my face. The family we have at YAC is wonderful and to be back in the theatre is utterly amazing!! Loving every moment.”

Act Three back in NWT’s Studio on Sunday 7 November, 2021

The theme for the term ahead is ‘survival’. The actors are currently working with ideas around not just how they – personally – have made it through the pandemic so far, but also the survival of the Young Actors Company, which has kept going throughout the past 18-months of turbulence.

We’ll keep you posted with their progress!