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Young Actors reunited

We’re delighted to annouce that in-person rehearsals started again for our Young Actors Company on Sunday 18 April.

They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder, and we certainly felt a swell of emotion when our company members were reunited after a whole year of online sessions.

With Covid safety protocols in place, we are delighted that the new Green Arts Centre at Cricket Green School in Mitcham is able to host our rehearsals whilst New Wimbledon Theatre remains closed.

Inside the Green Arts Centre, Mitcham

With plenty of space, outside and inside the building, our actors were able to warm-up with games and activities, run scenes from their In Common movies, and generally just enjoy being back in each other’s company.

Act Three arrives for rehearsal…looking taller than the last time we saw them!

Our youth theatre has always been as much about the bonds between our actors as the productions we stage, so seeing the young people together – laughing, working and connecting – gave a wonderful boost to everyone connected with WCTT.

And now the hard work starts!

As we are rehearsing in person again, planning the filming schedule for our four movies celebrating Wimbledon and Mitcham Commons goes up a gear.

Andy and the team have secured some fantastic locations, Davy is busy with costume design, and preparations for the premieres – at Canon’s House – are well underway.

Act Two rehearsing outside the Green Arts Centre

Over the next few weeks, we’ll tell you more about each of the four films, as well as giving you some behind the scenes info and background on our very special locations – and we hope to have sneak peeks of the movies here on the blog from the end of June.

Tickets for the outdoor screening of the movies (taking place on Saturday 17 July 2021) will go on sale in late May – watch this space for links and details!

Act One: findng their feet after a year away!