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Youth theatre filming skills

As we start a brand new year at the young Actors Company, our members are flexing their filmmaking skills.

After a much-needed Christmas break, our young actors were back in session this Sunday to pick up preparations for a very exciting term ahead.

With a new lockdown in place, attention has turned to filmmaking for all three groups: the In Common project will explore the history, meaning and future of Wimbledon and Mitcham Commons through the lens of motion picture.

With research already underway, the actors are exploring new ideas and techniques, as well as their filming, directing and editing skills.

Two of our Act Three members, Caleb Cura and Eliott Jude Swan, realised that their socially distanced, ‘research ramble’ on Wimbledon Common was reminiscent of a classic, supernatural movie…

In Common Project

This short film, inspired by the research Act Three have already conducted into the history of the commons (and a love of comedy-horror films), was directed and filmed by the duo, who are in their fourth year at the Young Actors Company. The film was edited by Eliott, who is also a Theatre and Film Studies student at the Brit School.

Inspiration was easy for the young actors to find on Wimbledon Common © Johanna Payton

Filmmaking in Merton

To up the momentum, pushing the In Common project to be as innovative and significant as we can (and to help our actors stay busy, engaged and active during another lockdown) we plan to present more of our company’s filmmaking experiments in the coming weeks: watch this space!

And, over the course of this term, we’re also hoping to inspire our young actors with guest speakers and masterclasses on filmmaking, costume and scriptwriting, so they can build up brand new skills – and lots of confidence and resilience – through these challenging times.

As ever, by celebrating the things we have in common – which definitely includes a passion for film! – we’re stronger as a youth theatre, and as members of the Merton community.

Eliott and Caleb at the landmark war memorial on Wimbledon Common © Johanna Payton